Isfahan Carpets Ltd has the largest and finest collection of Persian oriental rugs and carpets in the U.K. all sourced by Caroline Allan

Free of charge delivery throughout the U.K. Carpet cleaning service available.

At Broxburn, just to the west of Edinburgh and only 35 miles from Glasgow, you can find Caroline Allan and a magnificent collection of Persian rugs and carpets.Closing Thursday 17th of May at 5pm. Thank you for your custom.The Persian carpet, the best of oriental rugs, is as much a product of the Iranian landscape as the clay walled villages and the wide expanses of plain with mountain ranges on the horizon. Iran (traditionally called Persia) has been continuously occupied for four thousand years; in that time, it has been repeatedly invaded, looted, settled and resettled. But the changes in rulers and regimes have little affected the lives of the ordinary people of the land: the nomads, the settled farmers and craftsmen, who continue the way of life of their ancestors. However, successive waves of influence - Turkish, far Eastern, Afghan, Indian, European - are reflected in the carpets produced in Iran today. No country''s history has been as eventful as Iran''s, and none of the other rug producing countries of the Middle-East can begin to approach the range, variety and creativity of the rugs hand woven in Iran.  

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I  visit the encampments of Bakhtiari, Kurdish, Turkamen and Kashgai nomads and village weavers the length and breadth of Iran. I visit the great bazaars of Hamadan, Tehran, Sanandaj, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mashad. Together with my agents I ensure that the weavers are well recompensed for their work and that there are no sweatshops and that children are not involved in the  making of our Persian Carpets.  The quality of my merchandise I believe is second to none. The washing and finishing is superb and the value for money cannot be beaten.

Isfahan Carpets has the largest selection of Persian hand made rugs in the country, at the keenest prices, from the humblest tribal salt bag to the finest city masterpieces. All carpets are washed in our agent's premises to the south of Tehran. Many rugs, when they arrive on the market are old and well used and require the attentions of a skilled restorer. Ninety percent of our carpets have been used by the weavers' families for a number of years before a replacement is woven and the original sold on. 

I look forward to showing you my beautiful, hand woven merchandise

Caroline Allan